Olympians Gone Wild; Linsanity Finds a New Home

Today in Sports: A baseball catch that defies logic, Olympians on the loose, and the end of Linsanity.

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Today in Sports: A catch that defies logic, Olympians on the loose, and the end of Linsanity?

  • We're still nearly two weeks away from the Opening Ceremonies, but foreign athletes are starting to arrive in London for the Olympic Games and some members of the U.S. team already got lost in traffic. London motorists are also baffled by these specially designated "Olympic Lanes" that are supposed to be for official vehicles only, but seem designed just to create more traffic jams. Have fun, everybody! [NBCNews.com]
  • It's been a good week for tales of Olympic Heroes Gone Wild. Gymnast Alicia Sacramone admitted that she used her silver medal to sweet talk a bouncer into letting her into a bar when she was underage. Hope Solo says she and the entire Olympic women's soccer team were drunk when they went on the Today show after winning gold four years ago. Oh, and the Olympic Village is apparently a two-week-long international sex orgy. The good thing about all this partying is that it proves that Olympic athletes definitely are in it for something other than the money. [ESPN]
  • If you can figure out how this minor baseball player caught this ball while also losing his glove over the fence, then you have a better understanding of spatial relations then we do. [Philly.com]
  • "Linsanity" appears to be over in New York as the Houston Rockets have made last season's breakout sensation an offer that that the New York Knicks can't afford. The Knicks are also dealing with the DWI arrest of the man they hired to replace him, Jason Kidd, who was busted just days after signing his new contract with the team. Another big offseason for the New York fans! [New York Post]
  • The British Open has announced its pairings and tee times for the first-round of the next golf major this Thursday. Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, and Justin Rose are in the marquee group and heading out early at 9:42 local time. [TheOpen.com]
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