Gay Marriage, Beach Volleyball, and Disney

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Top Stories: Some Fed officials look to Alan Greenspan's idea of "taking out insurance."

World: Taliban-affiliate, the Haqqani network, has been solidified as the "the most ominous threat to the fragile American-Pakistani relationship."

U.S.: The Democratic Party is on the way to putting same-sex marriage on their platform.

New York: A sergeant was acquitted of "the most serious charges" in the case of a Chinese-American private who committed suicide.

Technology: Companies are using social media as a market research technique, asking users to help with tasks including picking chip flavors and crowdsourcing a new beer.

Science: The Curiosity heads towards Mars.

Health: In dealing with AIDS "scientists’ and patients’ visions of cure can be worlds apart, just like their visions of treatment and health."

Sports: The world record-breaking time of swimmer Ye Shiwen in the 400 individual medley elicits speculation. Beach volleyball, with its bikinis and cheerleaders, has "has had a hard time proving itself against more established events," but the British tabloids love it.

Television: Disney, long trying to hide its racially insensitive past, has a gained "support from black viewers" for their cartoon Doc McStuffins which features an African American heroine.

Music: The Newport Folk Festival "was a gathering of musicians concerned with craft and adept at recycling traditional forms for contemporary uses."

Opinion: Joe Nocera on the U.S. Postal Service.

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