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The scary thing about the Washington, D.C., cop reassigned after saying he would shoot Michelle Obama is that he's worked in the president's motorcade. It would be news anywhere if a police officer was suspended for threatening the first lady or the president but when it's a cop detailed to their protection, that's extra worrisome.

Unfortunately, Clarence Williams and Mary Pat Flaherty Washington Post story, which is the only news outlet on this so far, offers few details on who the officer is and what, exactly, he said. But here's what we know: "The motorman allegedly made the comments Wednesday morning as several officers from the Special Operations Division discussed threats against President Obama," Williams and Flaherty reported. "During that conversation, the officials said, the officer allegedly said he would shoot the First Lady and then used his phone to retrieve a picture of the firearm he said he would use." Yikes!

Most likely it was just talk, and the story even notes that there's "no indication of a legitimate threat." But still, you want the people guarding the first family to take their safety seriously, not threaten it.

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