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The mother of the Aurora shooting's youngest victim, who was also wounded by gunfire, has suffered a miscarriage, adding yet another heartbreaking twist to this awful story.

Ashley Moser's six-year-old daughter, Veronica, was killed in the mass shooting at the Aurora Century movie theater ten days ago. Ashley was also wounded in the neck and stomach during the attack and has been in the hospital since July 20. Her family announced on Sunday that she had to undergo further surgery over the weekend and that the trauma from the shooting led to the miscarriage. NBC News also says Moser's father died just two months ago after a battle with leukemia. 

The suspect, James Holmes, is set to appear in court for a second time today, when prosecutors will lay out the formal charges against him. Experts believe that he will face 12 first-degree murder charges and up to 58 attempted murder charges, as well as various assault and possibly weapons charges. According to 9News in Denver, the attempted murder and assault charges alone could could send Holmes to prison for 4,600 years. Under Colorado law Holmes cannot be charged with murder for the death of an unborn baby.

The judge has barred camera from the courtroom for this hearing, so there will be no new images of Holmes and, unlike his last visit, no attempts by the public to decipher his unusual behavior.

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