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Today's post about Samuel Williams—the 71-year-old Florida man who fired upon two robbers fleeing from an Internet cafe—solicited one pretty informative comment. 

Commenter FloridaInternational called this "the most Floridian story ever," featuring the trifecta of, "An old person, gun play, and something I bet not many people from outside Florida picked up on." Explaining what non-Floridians might've missed, he writes:

In my state, "Internet Cafe" is code for pseudo-legal casino ... In one of these places, you pay for time on a computer that connects to an internet casino. Old folks gamble away their retirement accounts in these places, which explains why somebody would try to rob one.

The legality of these "Internet Cafes" is in limbo right now. They do get raided and shut down sometimes but many operate openly. 

Thanks for the context! We love when commenters help us fill in the gaps. 

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