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The aftermath of the Aurora movie theater shooting has seen more disturbing incidents related to screenings of The Dark Knight Rises, including the arrest of a man in Maine who told police he was on his way to kill his ex-boss after seeing the movie.

Police in Maine stopped a 49-year-old who was doing 112 miles per hour on the highway early Sunday morning, and discovered a car full of automatic weapons and ammunition. The man was reportedly carrying news clippings about the Aurora shooting and said he was on his way to New Hampshire to shoot his former boss. The man also claimed he had been carrying a loaded gun in his backpack when he went to see The Dark Knight Rises the previous night, though he did not take it out. That claim was not confirmed.

There have also been an handful of incidents inside other theaters during showings of the movie. A man in Los Angeles was also arrested on Sunday when he shouted, "I should go off like in Colorado" and "Does anybody have a gun?" when the movie didn't start on time. A screening in Arizona was disrupted when a drunk man carrying a backpack was confronted and tackled by off-duty Border Patrol agents, sending several movie-goers running for the exits in a panic. There were also reports of fights and a man yelling "bomb!" during a showing of the film at a theater near Pittsburgh on Sunday. 

While no one was hurt in any of the incidents, people are understandably upset on edge when it comes to movies and violence. Minor incidents like these happen all the time at movie theaters that aren't showing highly popular Batman movies, but with the whole nation focused on the massacre in Colorado, moviegoers aren't going to take any odd behavior lightly. There's always a concern that disturbed individuals will latch on to a tragedy for their own ends, but these appear to be mostly moments unfortunate circumstances matched with bad timing. (The incident in Maine almost sounds like a desperate man hoping to get caught before he can actually hurt anyone.) Hopefully, cooler heads will soon prevail once again.


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