Lionel Batiste, Mormons, and Whales

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Top Stories: In Cuba, questions remain as to whether the country can or will allow privatization to flourish. The Treme neighborhood in New Orleans hosts gatherings and parades to honor Lionel Batiste.

World: After arriving at Heathrow, athletes, officials, and journalists get stuck on three buses for four hours after they get lost on the way to the Olympic Village. Mexico is the "world’s largest per capita consumer of bottled water."

U.S.: Descendants of the first Mormon families are supporting Romney.

New York: New York's bike-share program, Citi Bike, will not — as promised — begin in July.

Business: The Labor Department is increasing security on data, which some members of the media think is "unnecessary."

Science: Scientists find that whales can essentially — though not literally — plug their ears in a discovery that they hope will help protect sea mammals from man-made underwater noise.

Health: Though Europe and Japan have started using low-dose in vitro fertilization, clinics in the U.S. continues with high-doses as concerns over complications grow.

Sports: Tim and Twanna Rogers are building the Thermal Club in California, an elite racetrack for rich car collectors.

Opinion: Joe Nocera writes that "the N.C.A.A. should throw the book at Penn State."

Theater: Ben Brantley reviews Dogfight, which he says "proceeds in a melancholy, tuneful and slightly hesitant trickle that seems to be apologizing for any unpleasantness."

Music: Jon Caramanica on the Pitchfork Music Festival.

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