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The New York Post is staying on the story of Mindy Meyer, the 22-year-old Brooklyn who's running for New York state senate, as inspired by Kim Kardashian, Rudy Guiliani, and Legally Blonde's Elle Woods. Meyer came to the attention of the general public just last week, after her website, which employs an actual pink (and blue) Republican elephant and the sparkling diamond-esque tagline "I'm Senator and I Know It," was confirmed by Capital New York's Azi Paybarah to not be a joke. After that, as our Elspeth Reeve wrote, the calls from the media started coming in. The power of the Internet: Do something mildly different than the norm, no matter how silly, especially if it's silly, and they will call you.

But while her methods may not have been standard and her political knowledge appears questionable at best—remember, Elle Woods actually did know what she was talking about—you can't say Meyer doesn't have a mind for publicity in this world where any publicity seems better than none. This is at heart a tabloid story, because Mindy Meyer is, sadly, kind of a joke, at least to most of the people reading (and writing) these pieces about her. She's young, she's very tan, and she loves pink; her bid for office appears based on a whim, as was said about Elle Woods, "just waking up one day and deciding to do it"! She writes on her site, sweetly, "I have no experience in corruption." She could simply be ignored, but, after all, she put herself out there. 

So today in the Post, Beth Defalco gives the people what they want, a rather mean-spirited piece in which she writes that "Brooklyn’s 'Magenta Yenta'"—Meyer is Orthodox—"won’t let a little thing like reality get in her way." This piece includes a follow up on Paybarah's original question to Meyer about Andrew Cuomo, the one in which she answered, "Honestly, I’m not really familiar with him." Meyer told Defalco she had been misquoted, and then offers up a few more quotes to indicate that probably she wasn't misquoted. As Defalco writes, she couldn't remember who she'd voted for in the last election, but said, "I voted against Obama."

Still, no one ever assumed she was informed—and, if we're being honest, everyone wants to assume she's not. The woman references Kim Kardashian as an inspiration! If she had been a real contender, we'd be slightly disappointed. There is one bright spot, though, in this interview, the money quote, when she's asked about Sarah Palin. Meyer responds: "Sarah Palin is not one of my role models. She’s just so oblivious to the issues." LOL. 

Anyway, politics isn't really the point. Maybe what Meyer really wanted was attention; maybe she was really just interested in that gold standard of success as inspired by her idol, Kim Kardashian: A reality show. Toward the end of Defalco's piece, that's exactly what we find: A little pot of reality TV gold. Per Defalco:

Meyer said she’s been approached by the creators of several popular shows about doing her own.

“I have so many offers right now. I don’t have a problem with it — it’s just about getting my family on board,” she said.

“If it were just me and you’d give me something scripted, I’d say yes.”

While officials from the production companies Meyer named denied that their firms had been in touch with the aspiring politico, we say it's only a matter of time. The question is, if it turns out this was actually a bid for a show and not a run for office at all, would we feel any differently about her? And if all she wanted was attention, well, she sort of won. Her "Mindy in the Media page," it must be said, is pretty impressive by now. 

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