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Jen Doll's piece on bosses getting wise to employees who "work" from home stirred up some debate today. One commenter pointed out that it isn't all that hard to hold people accountable for work done off-site. 

The plan laid out by scott_lewis seems straightforward enough:

Back when I was in the public sector, I had a boss who wanted me to do a project over the weekend. I said I would, but only if I could do it from home, since I didn't want to spend the time commuting on a Saturday. He said "but how will I know that you're working?"--DUH! If the project is done, I was working. If it's not, then I wasn't. Simple.

Makes sense to us. But maybe we're just saying that because catching up on some TV shows between bursts of writing sounds pretty nice. Not that we don't love coming into The Atlantic Wire's SoHo office.

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