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Our piece on the latest skirmish in the age-old breastfeeding wars struck a nerve with many of our readers. One commenter provided some personal perspective on the issue.  James Braly's dad-centric take on breastfeeding enraged plenty of people, but Marie_Antoinette points out that this fiercely contested debate has been around for awhile: 

You reach a certain age and suddenly you start to see the same arguments playing out about the same issues in exactly the same way as 10 or 15 years ago. I don't know if age brings wisdom, but the deja vu is a given.

And she thinks people get too anxious about breastfeeding:

My advice to young mothers is to relax.  I nursed my kids for just under and just over a year.  They still got allergies, they still have ADHD, no one is a genius, we did not all live happily ever after. But I enjoyed and had time for the experience. Not every mother does. Relax.  There are more important things in child-rearing. 

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