Huma Abedin's Muslim Brotherhood 'Ties' Are News to the Muslim Brotherhood

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In the latest chapter of Michele Bachmann's dabbling in Muslim McCarthyism and failed attempt at connecting Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton aide and Anthony Weiner's wife, to the Muslim Brotherhood has a funny twist: The Muslim Brotherhood is calling the claims ridiculous. "[I]n Egypt, the birthplace of the Brotherhood, the organization’s leaders were either perplexed by the accusations or simply hadn’t heard them. Nor had they heard of Huma Abedin," writes The Global Post's Erin Cunningham. "I haven’t heard these rumors, but they strike me as ridiculous," Ahmed Al Nahhas, a longtime Brotherhood activist and leader in Alexandria, Egypt, told Cunningham. "Surely the United States government selects its employees very carefully."

That sentiment was echoed by fellow leader Ibrahim ali Iraqi who also told Cunningham, "The Muslim Brotherhood can’t even penetrate the Egyptian government." The idea that the Muslim Brotherhood admitting that it can't even get its act together to infiltrate the fractured and fragile Egyptian government (complete with undead Mubarak) is a far cry from Michele Bachmann's assertion that it's a well-oiled machine that has infiltrated U.S. government. And now it's perhaps time to add the Muslim Brotherhood to the "Michele Bachmann is Ridiculous" bandwagon, where they can have a seat alongside Speaker John Boehner and Senator John McCain.

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