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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has discovered the secret of how to get journalists to read press releases: Just be hilariously self-deprecating, and claim, for example, that David Letterman called you fat 327,832 times. (Hey, who said this guy was a hothead?) 

Christie's office posted a press release Wednesday called "Christie by the Numbers," which ticked off a list of quantifiable facts about his three years in office including some odd ones like these:

  • Politifact Ratings Of 'Pants On Fire' - 4
  • "Idiots" [a reference to moments like this one] - 2
  • David Letterman Fat Jokes - 327,832. [That figure is made up, but there have been many.] 
  • Questions About Running For President/ Vice President - ("Too many to count")

Needless to say, people are chatting about the chart, which is great news for the Governor if you consider that he snuck in some positive spin on his governorship too, like the number of tax increase vetoes (three) or the number of Facebook likes (60,755).

Compare that to a "Chris Christie by the numbers" release passed around by Christie's critics this week, which has much less flattering facts like, " 54 minutes – Length of October 4th vanity press conference, announcing intent not to run for President of the United States." Sure, that's harsh, but Christie's manages to actually be funny. Point, Governor.

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