How Can People Say America Is Going to Hell?

When I can stop by the local Kwik-E-Mart and there, alongside the Cheetos and 128-oz 2000-calorie Big Guzzlers, I can find sitting on the shelves:

(All of them actually purchased at one place and one time, in fact this afternoon, from a tiny little local convenience store. And, yes, I do realize that there would be roughly 900 calories in the 72 ounces of beer shown above. But I'm not going to drink them all at one time from a big guzzle cup.)

I understand that a particular DC-area distributor is the one I have to thank for bringing this golden age of accessible craft beer to Washington. In fact, when I happened to meet this man last year and heard him say that one neighborhood Kwik-E-Mart had suddenly started doing an inexplicably great business in craft brews, I had to stop myself before giving him its exact address and opening hours -- and revealing to him when I had moved back to the city.

Further on this theme: If you're looking for a craft brew adventure later this month in DC, check this out. And, this news is almost enough to give me a rooting interest in the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim," aka the Anaheim/California Angels. Almost. (Hint: my original hometown brewery now has offerings on tap at Angels Stadium.) For a lineup of what craft brews are available at what stadiums, check this out, and this. The offerings at my current hometown stadium, for the Nationals, stand up very well. Actually, all the parks look pretty good. I repeat: at least in some ways we are not going to hell, yet.