This Former 'Jeopardy!' Champion Tweeted a Gross Penn State Joke

Who is Ken Jennings?

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Ken Jennings, the baby-faced genius who went on a 74-game, $2.5 million Jeopardy! winning streak in 2004, has unfortnately found something in common with comedian Daniel Tosh and actor Rainn Wilson: Outrage. It's thanks to this terribad Twitter joke:

Pretty gross, right? It's a little crass for someone who spoke at Penn State this past April. And as some Tweeters pointed out, it's not even a well-constructed joke. While we don't really know or want to pretend to know what's was going through Jennings' head, his "joke" did come in the wake of Penn State's hefty $60 million win-wiping punishment. He had been tweeting other jokes about Penn State earlier in the day.

There's also a teeny-tiny glimmer of hope that this awful child-abuse joke-maker might not be the real Ken Jennings, since the account isn't verified, but if you look at all the recent media that the account has posted  there are plenty of candid pictures of Jennings and his kids. Furthermore, Jennings cited the account on his Reddit Ask Me AnythingTime says it's him, so do others. Anyways, the Jennings zinger, if you can call it that, has been retweeted 65 times, and there hasn't been an apology... Yet.

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