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Maybe you don't know, but there's a storm happening in New York City. There's probably going to be a lot of rain, a lot of wind, and there might even be some hail. If we're lucky there won't be a tornado. If we're not lucky, there will be a tornado. Yes, a tornado is in play. 

The New York Post reports a tornado already touched down in Elmira earlier today. "We've had a tornado. It came through the city of Elmira ... right through the middle of the city," Chemung County Safety Coordinator Kristin Card said. About 6,000 people don't have power across New York right now. If you don't really know what a "derecho" is, Gawker's Max Read explained what you should be expecting tonight. Take away: lots of wind, maybe the end of the world, and you might lose power for an hour. Hopefully we'll still have 3G and Twitter won't go down

A "derecho" is the same kind of thunder storm that hit a number of states earlier this year, including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia. There were casualties, a huge about of damage, and some people were left without power for over a week. So there is a level of danger to this if the storm reaches that level of intensity.

The storm has already started, which might not know if you haven't checked your Twitter feed lately. There are some ominous clouds looming over New York right now, as captured by NBC's Luke Russert

Or you can check out this alternate take from Vanity Fair's Michael Carl:

But the ultimate storm picture so far goes to Inga Sarda-Sorensen, who tweeted the shot above. It's been retweeted over 275 times. We're not sure if it's real, but if it is, yikes:

Of course, everyone in New York City is tweeting about the storm. Our own Jennifer Doll got trapped at the gym: 

There are even people inside New York City who hate New Yorkers for their weather tweets: 

And then there are those who mock our habit of taking pictures of the impending weather: 

The rain has stopped and started, so we're not sure if the storm has already passed or if there's going to be more to come. Some are already labeling it a dud: 

Hopefully everyone makes it through the night okay. If the weather does get worse and you have interesting picture to share with us, please send them in. We'll keep this post updated as we need to. Godspeed, New Yorkers. 

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