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The World Health Organization is expected to announce today that they've figured out the cause — and a possible treatment for — the odd illness that has killed more than 60 children in the last four months.. According to CNN, the disease is actually a combination of pathogens, including the previously suspected enterovirus, streptococcus, and dengue. Doctors have also determined that the commonly used treatment of steroids may have made the illness worse.

While not wildly contagious, almost all of the children who were caught in the outbreak died immediately after being admitted to the hospital and after suffering a complete deterioration of their lungs. Adult immune systems are generally strong enough to fight off the infection, but young children are more susceptible and the use of steroids to combat the illnesses may have weakened their immune systems even further. 

The other good news is that there have no confirmed cases of the illness since Saturday and the new course of treatments should help to keep the disease from spreading further.

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