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Quick, what's scarier? That Delta found out it was serving needle-filled turkey sandwiches to their Business Class passengers or the fact that if you pay $6,000 for a plane ticket all you get is turkey sandwiches (with needles) and pre-packaged pizza (thankfully without)? "Two passengers sustained minor injuries after biting into the sandwiches and CBP officials found a third needle after confiscating the sandwiches, according to an official report," reports ABC News's Richard Esposito, noting that passengers were on an Amsterdam-Minneapolis flight and said sandwiches have been replaced with "pre-packaged pizza." CNN is reporting that the FBI has already launched an investigation into the bizarre case as turkey-needle sandwiches were found on three more flights. The needles, according to CNN's report, were sewing needles and Gate Gourmet, the company which supplied the sandwiches is obviously upset and is, at the moment, cooperating with the FBI investigation. 

But back to the sandwiches and Business Class Elite, that puzzle still perplexes us. (Probably because we're seasoned coach travelers?) It's hard to rationalize why Delta would serve sad turkey sandwiches to people who paid around $6,000 (we did a one-way flight search this morning for an August 17 flight from Amsterdam toMinneapolis) for their luxe seat.  And it doesn't sound like they were just throwaway snacks since, according to Esposito, the sandwiches were only served to the business class cabin. To be clear, there's no mention of turkey sandwiches or the prepackaged pizza on Delta's Business Class Elite's seasonal menu, and the sandwiches in question sound nothing like the "cold plate of beef tenderloin and gravlax with deviled egg, roasted beets and daikon pepper slaw." 

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