Cuomo in the Hamptons, Children's TV, and Forgeries

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Top Stories: Opposition fighters in Syria have become more adept at using bombs.

World: Despite criticism, Benjamin Netanyahu faces little challenge for his position as prime minister. Washington prepares for outcome of Syrian conflict.

U.S.: New York Times/CBS News poll reveals that despite Obama and the Democrats' negative ad attacks, opinions have not changed about Romney and the economy is the primary factor swinging votes.

New York: How Andrew Cuomo does the Hamptons: he likes to call them "Long Island" and says he doesn't go for "social set, or the social scene, or whatever you want to call it."

Media & Advertising: Other children's channels spike in viewership after Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., and Nicktoons have vanished from DirecTV in its Viacom fight.

Health: A study finds "genetic vulnerabilities" that may help in the effort to fight colon cancer.

Sports: Teri McKeever, the first woman named as head coach of the U.S. women's swimming team, "specializes in repairing broken psyches and pushing her swimmers to excellence in and out of the water."

Opinion: Maggie Shipstead on weddings.

Style: In Brooklyn a "once desolate" corner has been transformed into "an artisanal-food-and-drink playpen." Alexander Soros, son of George, is building his name and reputation as a philanthropist.

Art: Being a curator has "has grown rapidly in cachet." Though he forged paintings for years, Ken Perenyi has turned to selling his reproductions legitimately.

Movies: Manohla Dargis calls The Dark Knight Rises a "grave and satisfying finish to Mr. Nolan’s operatic bat-trilogy."

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