Comedy in Haiti, Greece's Extremists, and Wisconsin's Nude Beach

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Top Stories: The television show Regards Croisés is "one of the few things that provide" comic relief in Haiti.

World: As the extreme right in Greece gains power so does vigilante violence against immigrants. Pierre Salinger, press secretary to J.F.K., is celebrated in Le Thor, a medieval Provençal village, with a museum.

U.S.: Rahm Emanuel's immigration policies in Chicago are "the latest challenge" to Obama's. Nudists have long flocked to Mazo Beach in Wisconsin, but worry about lewd acts that "could taint years of cooperation with the state and put their clothing-optional status in jeopardy."

Business: ​NBC and Facebook are working together on Olympics coverage.

Science: NASA has a social media success in its "Seven Minutes of Terror" video.

Sports: Top athletes are heading to Germany for a blood treatment from Dr. Peter Wehling. I'll Have Another had physical problems for which he was being treated "well before" he was scratched from Belmont.

Television: Hit & Miss starring Chloë Sevigny as a preoperative transsexual "feels like an unsuccessful attempt to graft 'The Crying Game' onto 'Party of Five.'"

Dining & Wine: Camps are going both healthy and gourmet when it comes to food.

Opinion: The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates reflects on his experiences in school as he watches his son.

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