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A number of commenters were miffed by the news that a yoga instructor was recently fired for her no-phones policy. It's not only inconsiderate to check your cell phone during yoga class, our commenters argued, it also defeats the whole purpose. How do you expect to clear your mind and cleanse your body while manically checking your inbox? Yoga instructor Alice Van Ness was dismissed from instructing employees at Facebook's Menlo Park campus due to her "pattern of strict behavior." But commenter BoxMeowBox didn't think Van Ness' policies—which included asking students not to take pictures or touch any gadgets during class—were very strict at all: 

Isn't an hour yoga class a time to get off the grid, re-center and re-focus?  The "I'm so important that I need to be connected at all times" attitude is more than a little arrogant.  Someone teaching a class has every right to impose certain (what sound like minimal) restrictions. So disrespectful.

Whether or not it's rude to use a phone during yoga, isn't it kind of impressive? It must not be easy to text while holding a downward-facing dog. 

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