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Today in Sports: A blind long jumper who flies far, how to create an Olympic stadium, and a history lesson from Berlin.

  • A look at the architects behind the London Olympic stadium that is designed to be reduced to half it's size after the Games are over. [The Wall Street Journal]
  • Sports Illustrated media reporter Richard Dietcsh has compiled a Twitter list of people to follow for good Olympic coverage. [Twitter]
  • With every Olympics comes new history lessons: Here's a little known story of American vs. Nazi athletics from the 1936 Games when challenged German rowing dominance. [Slate]
  • The International Olympic Committee is notorious for cracking down on business that try to profit off the Games (without becoming an Official Sponsor.) Here's one rather clever attempt to circumvent those rules. [@Tompsk on Twitter]
  • As if we didn't already have enough security fears, The Sunday Times reports that Israeli Mossad agents believe an Iranian terror squad is on the loose in Europe and looking to strike the London Games on the 40th anniversary of the Munich Games, when 11 Israeli athletes were killed. []
  • More hate for Wenlock and Mandeville, the creepy one-eyed Olympic mascots that no one seems to love.[Associated Press]
  • Don't forget that after the Olympics are over, London will also be hosting the Paralympic Games, featuring athletes like Lex Gillette, a blind long jumper who can leap 22 feet despite not being able to see where he will land. [The New York Times]
  • From earlier: Don't miss this retro video game tool that will show you just how terrible you are at sports. [The Atlantic Wire]

Non-sanctioned Olympic merchandise photo by Kate Miltner.

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