Beverly Hills, Campaign Trail Quotes, and the Kennedys

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Top Stories: Beverly Hills wants to stop the Subway to the Sea — a train running between downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean — from passing underneath Beverly Hills High School. Pawlenty could be Mitt Romney's working-class complement.

World: The puzzling glimpses of Western style in North Korea reflect the differences between Kim Jong-un and his father. Hillary Clinton maneuvered within Egypt's political factions during her visit to the country while facing "an almost complete mistrust of the United States’ motives."

U.S.: Campaign officials are demanding quote approval following interviews with journalists, who are begrudgingly accepting their conditions.

Media & Advertising: At Comic-Con Hollywood worries about early online reactions to film clips.

Technology: Apple looks to a smaller iPad in "part of a textbook business strategy."

New York: The Kennedys bring a John Cheever quality back to Westchester. A return for Anthony Weiner?

Sports: Lia Neal, 17, is heading to the Olympics for swimming, only the second African-American woman to do so.

Opinion: Paul Krugman says that talking about Romney's personal history "is the only way to bring the real policy issues into focus."

Art & Design: A new black box theater at Lincoln Center is a "nimble addition."

Television: Learning how to buy best with the flea market pros of Market Warriors.

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