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Update: The Boston Police are tweeting that Wally has been found! Rejoice! The Boston Globe was previously reporting that police suspected an employee who wasn't authorized took the suit. Boston Police report, "It was later revealed to officers that an employee took the costume and neglected to inform the proper supervisor.  There is no one under arrest and Wally the Green Monster is safe." A happy ending for all. Except the for the Red Sox. They're still losing. 

Original: In what is surely the weirdest story we've seen all day, the costume for Wally the Green Monster, the mascot of the Boston Red Sox, has gone missing from Fenway Park, and what elevates this beyond ho-hum theft (at least for us) is the police's suspicion that the culprit is currently wearing the suit about town. "Wally was seen around 1:30 p.m. walking in Copley Square during the summer arts festival," reports The Boston Globe's Maria Cramer, however, "It's unclear how many Wally costumes there are." This seems like a terrible getaway plan, and Boston Police is already tweeting for help from potential Wally observers:

This is all starting to feel very "Where's Waldo" (give or take a few letters.) For those not following such matters, this absurd news comes as the standings have the Sox sitting in last place in their league. This is not a time when they can afford to lose a smiling inflection of spirit. Let's hope he gets home safe.

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