Why You Don't Want George Zimmerman's Old Phone Number

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Go ahead and call (407) 435-2400 all you want--it's retired now, but not before it ruined Junior Alexander Guy's life.

Guy, as the Newscore reports, just got his first cell phone last month at the age of 49, and as bad luck would have it, he inherited George Zimmerman's old number--the same one revealed when Zimmerman's 911 call about Trayvon Martin was released. You can sort of tell where this is going (pity the poor soul who has 867-5309), as Guy received phone call threats like "You murderer" and "You deserve to die" at 3 in the morning. (It's worth remembering that residents of George Zimmerman's old address were also threatened after director Spike Lee tweeted their address.)

There were about 70 calls in total, according to The Orlando Sentinel's Rene Stutzman, who adds that Guy moved himself and his mother out of their home because of the threats. That lasted for nine days, until Guy turned it over to his lawyer. T-mobile has retired the number, and Guy is asking the company to pay damages.

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