Triple Crown Favorite I'll Have Another Withdraws from Belmont Stakes

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The winner of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes will not get a chance to chase the Triple Crown as his trainer has announced that I'll Have Another is withdrawing from the Belmont Stakes. Trainer Doug O'Neill made the announcment on The Dan Patrick Radio Show just moments ago. Rumors began swirling early in the day that the horse had suffered some form of injury, and O'Neill said they did not want to take any chances of damaging their million dollar horse by doing him serious harm. A 1:00 p.m. press conference is scheduled to make it official. When asked by Patrick if I'll Have Another has raced his last race, O'Neill said, "If I had to wager I would say yes."

The loss of another Triple Crown candidate so close the Belmont — he's now the 12th horse to win the first two legs, but not the third since the last Triple Crown winner in 1978 — is a devastating blow to Saturday's race and to the sport of horse racing itself. Attendance and gambling proceeds will likely plummet this weekend, not just at Belmont, but at tracks all over the country where fans come out to bet on races and spend their money.

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