There'll Always Be Booze at the Democratic National Convention

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Democratic party members, rejoice! Lawmakers in North Carolina have come together to make sure your fridges and coolers will stay well-stocked when you visit for the Democratic National Convention on Labor Day weekend.

As Daily Intel's Caroline Bankoff points out, in North Carolina the liquor stores are owned and operated by the state, which means they're always closed on Sunday and holidays. Normally it's an insignificant bummer that partyers just have to plan around, but with the entire Democratic party and a whole host of national and international media coming to town on Labor Day weekend, when the stores would normally be closed, the state moved to make sure their laws wouldn't get in the way of being good hosts:


To the rescue is a bipartisan group of lawmakers in Raleigh sponsoring a bill to keep the Alcoholic Beverage Control stores in Mecklenburg County, which includes Charlotte, open for Labor Day 2012. Co-sponsored by Republicans and Democrats from the Charlotte area, the measure flowed through the state House last week on a voice vote and is awaiting approval in the Senate.

Rep. Bill Brawley, a Mecklenburg Republican, said helping Charlotte be fully prepared to quench the thirsts of the arriving politicos and media horde is just good manners.

Southern hospitality, indeed. Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue, "has frequently clashed with the Republicans who took control of the General Assembly two years ago," but she's putting aside their differences and agreed to sign the bill. "This legislation helps North Carolina be a good host," she said. It's good to know they could come together over such a controversial issue. It's also good to know that, like money in the banana stand, there's always going to be booze at the Democratic National Convention. 


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