Town Where Trayvon Was Shot Takes Three Months to Fire Police Chief

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Sanford police chief Bill Lee has finally been fired for his handling of the Trayvon Martin case three months after going on administrative leave. Bill Lee temporarily removed himself as police chief in March after he facing criticism for not arresting George Zimmerman right away, and a non-confidence vote from the Sanford City Commission. He tried to resign in April, but the city voted to reject his resignation. Instead, they opted to keep him on paid leave until Wednesday, when he was finally fired. "We need to move forward with a police chief that all the citizens of Sanford can support," City Manager Norton Bonaparte said in a press release. "I have come to this decision in light of the escalating divisiveness that has taken hold of the city." Amazingly, Lee was granted a three-month severance plus a week's salary on top of the money he's already made while on paid leave. 

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