Read the Most Adorable Presidential Pardon Ever

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While President Obama was attending a series of fundraisers in Minnesota on Friday, he made the unexpected decision to pardon an (adorable) criminal he met at one of the functions. Tyler Sullivan is in the fifth grade, according to HyperVocal, and he skipped school on Friday to go to work with his dad, Ryan Sullivan. The President was scheduled to make an appearance at the Honeywell factory where the elder Sullivan works. The two Sullivans would up meeting the President, who didn't hesitate to whip out the official Presidential parchment and write a note to Tyler's fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Ackerman, explaining his absence. A "he was with me!" note from the President should get any kid out of trouble.

Maybe the President was feeling some pressure to do something adorably nice after his former chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel made a surprise job reference phone call.

Here's the note in all its glory:

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