Lance Lashes Out, the Mets Quiet Down, and Dwyane Wade Gets Old

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Today in Sports: Armstrong fights back, Matt Cain gets a big assist, and the Heat need a time machine.

  • Lance Armstrong steadfastly denies the charges of illegal blood doping that were leveled against him by the US Anti-Doping Agency yesterday, saying on his website that they "are baseless, motivated by spite and advanced through testimony bought and paid for by promises of anonymity and immunity." He also accuses the USADA of "star-chamber practices" that are "at odds with our ideals of fairness and fair play." As long as we're clear. []
  • The New York Mets are "evaluating" the concept of "quiet sections" at Citi Field where PA announcements would come with a lower volume and no music would be played. We're not sure how they would sound proof the section from all the other thousands of speakers in the stadium that are turned up to 11, but we support the idea of dialing down the music in-between innings at most ballparks. Maybe fans would actually like to talk to someone during that 75 stoppages of play that happen during a typical ballgame?  [New York Post]
  • San Francisco's Matt Cain threw the 22nd perfect game in Major League history last night, thanks in large part to this catch by right fielder Gregor Blanco, who had to go all the way to center to get it. []

  • The WBO says they will review the controversial Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight last Saturday, where Bradley was awarded a split decision despite being heavily out-punched and breaking his foot during the match. There's no reason to think anything will come of it — other than more hype for a lucrative rematch — but at least it makes it look as if the sport tries to take these things like corruption of judges seriously. [Yahoo]
  • In what passes for trash-talking in this year's NBA playoffs, Miami's Dwyane Wade says he's not distracted for tonight's Game 2 in Oklahoma City because "there is not a lot of exciting things going on out here." Burn on you, OKC! It's not much in the way of smack, but perhaps it might temporarily distract all the people who are suddenly noticing that Wade is a lot older than he used to be. [Yahoo]

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