Killings in Chicago, Spying on Kids, and Olympic Sex Testing

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.

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Top Stories: Activists in southern Turkey are helping transform Syrian opposition forces into a more unified, organized power. The Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration law will likely not spawn copycat actions by other states. Killings are up by 38 percent in Chicago largely tied to the city's "increasingly complicated gang warfare."

World: Though violence in Kashmir has subsided, the region's graveyards serve as a reminder of the murderers who have not been prosecuted.

Technology: Parents are watching their children's digital presence through an array of new tools that allow the adults to monitor everything from texts to social media to driving.  Google built a neural network made up of 16,000 computer processors that recognized cats without any human help.

Science: Biologists' choice of animal subjects can be accidental and, in a sense, romantic. Scientists are examining how bird flu could become human flu.

Health: A freezer failure at Harvard, which destroyed brain specimens, highlights how crucial it is for researchers to have the brains of children and young adults suffering from autism to study.

Sports: Scholars are decrying the International Olympic Committee's policy to determine who can compete as a woman. The search for basketball stars in the Washington-area is starting in middle school.

Art: A review of the National Portrait Gallery's exhibition on the War of 1812 considers just how much the war contributed to American culture.

Opinion: David Brooks' trip to see Bruce Springsteen play in Europe makes him muse on paracosms.

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