Joe Scarborough Is a Ron Paul Protest Voter

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MSNBC host and Mika Brzezinski hair stylist Joe Scarborough wrote a column for Politico describing his easy decision to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary (in which Ron Paul isn't really competing). He pretty exactly typifies a certain type of Ron Paul voter:

Do I think a Ron Paul presidency is ever possible? No, I don't. But I do want some of the Pauline virtues of candor and non-poll-tested conviction to play a larger role in our politics. 

So now I've cast my protest vote. It felt good.

What I really want, though, is a party and a politics that's commensurate with the problems and possibilities of the country.

Yes, here you have the "saying you're voting for Ron Paul as a way to look principled without being partisan" voter. That's in contrast to the "I'm deeply convinced Ron Paul will win this election and I will make the blog comment-reading public see my wisdom" Paul voter. It's a nice position to strike if you're a morning TV host known for your Republican politics (he's a former congressman) but wanting to appeal to a broader set.

Watch Scarborough walk that thin line (and let your mind wander with him as he describes the process of making his kid a sandwich) by reading the column in full at Politico.


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