George Zimmerman Turns Himself Over to Police

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George Zimmerman turned himself over to Orlando police Sunday afternoon, ending any confusion over whether or not he would flee. Zimmerman was given 48 hours to turn himself over to police on Friday, after officials discovered he and his wife had lied about their available finances during a bond hearing, and about Zimmerman's possession of a second passport. 

The Orlando Sentinel reports Zimmerman's lawyer, Mark O'Mara, will likely request a new bond hearing tomorrow. He acknowledged that Zimmerman's credibility has been tarnished. "There is a credibly question that needs to be explained away," he said. 

The New York Times reports O'Mara said he was still very concerned about Zimmerman's safety. "We are very concerned about safety still, and we will maintain that concern,” Mr. O’Mara said. "There are ongoing threats and concerns and complaints. I don’t know where along the spectrum they become true threats. We have begun to process and analyze a number of the statements he has given to the police."

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