Egypt's New First Lady, Aging Supreme Court Justices, and Snooki

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Top Stories: Things appear to be looking up in the housing market. Mexicali is attracting tourists looking for cheap medical services.

World:  The Muslim traditionalism of newly elected Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi's wife Naglaa Ali Mahmoud is lauded by some, and a concern to others who view her ways as backwards.

New York: The Elmo ejected from Central Park Sunday — who was back on the job Tuesday — ran a pornographic website in Cambodia.

U.S.: With a number of Supreme Court justices nearing retirement age whoever wins the presidency could have a major impact on the ideological balance of the court.

Business: Google is manufacturing its Nexus Q in the U.S.

Opinion: Gail Collins remembers Nora Ephron.

Sports: Athletes at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs deal with smoke from the wildfires.

TV: JWoww and a seven months pregnant Snooki do press for their "Jersey Shore" spinoff. Alessandra Stanley reviews Charlie Sheen's new show, Anger Management.

Style: Now a professor, a longtime New Yorker receptionist tells her story in a new memoir.

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