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Did you visit The Drudge Report yesterday to get the latest breaking news on the Obamacare decision? We were mainly focused on CNN (big mistake) but if you stopped by Matt Drudge's breaking news site, you were not alone.  Master headline writer Drudge tweeted that his eponymous site got 45 million page views yesterday, the site's second best performance ever. "BFD: THANKS FOR MAKING YESTERDAY 2ND BIGGEST DAY IN DRUDGEREPORT 17 YEAR HISTORY! PAGE WAS VIEWED 45,233,974 TIMES, FROM 115 COUNTIRES.. ;D,." The Web savvy will note that it's unique visitors (the number of people who visit a site) and not page views (which count multiple visits from the same person) that really matter in calculating Internet traffic, but that's still some impressive traffic. Apparently good news for Obama is great news for Drudge.

Though Drudge wouldn't answer on Twitter, based on our perusal of Quantcast, which measures Web traffic, the site's biggest day seems to be Election Day 2008, with 45,668,824 hits. Also ranking high these past four years: May 2, 2011 (the day after Osama bin Laden was killed) and Nov. 4, 2010 (midterm elections) both with around 40 million page view. 

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