Don't Take it Personally If Bernie Kerik Doesn't Write You From Prison

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Former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik's social calendar is obviously a lot clearer now that he's in prison, but he still has to juggle people. And as The Nw York Daily News' Clem Richardson learned in Kerik's first jailhouse interview, not everybody gets to make the cut. The man once known as "America's cop" drifted apart from some friends, like former mayor Rudolph Giuliani, as his legal troubles mounted. But midway through a four-year sentence for tax fraud, Kerik's email contact list is still larger than prison officials allow:

Email, screened by prison officials, allows him to keep in touch with a limited number of relatives and friends.

"I sometimes have to drop someone from the list to put someone else on," Kerik said. "Then the person I dropped will contact someone else and say, 'What did I do that he kicked me off?' "

While Richardson calls his interview Kerik's first since he was sentenced in 2010, it's probably not the last. Per Richardson: "Other visitors have included Geraldo Rivera and '60 Minutes' correspondent Byron Pitts." We'll be hearing Kerik, and we don't mean an email.

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