Countdown to London; The Worst Call of the Year

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Today in Sports: Sailing comes back to TV, college football gets a playoff, and a truly horrible umpiring call.

  • The 2012 Summer Olympics start in exactly one month and organizers began the countdown by lowering the Olympic rings on to the Tower Bridge. Get pumped! [London 2012]
  • Here's a preview of today's Euro 2012 semi-final match between Portugal and Spain. Coverage starts at 2:45 p.m. ET. on ESPN. [Sports Illustrated/ESPN]
  • College football has officially voted to end the BCS in favor of a four-team playoff, that will use two existing bowl games for the national semifinals and a create a new rotating-city championship game. Yahoo's Dan Wetzel reminds us that the college football system is massively corrupt, but at least now fans gets something worthwhile for their troubles. []
  • This might be the worst call by a baseball umpire this year. Maybe. It's only June. []

  • NBC will broadcast the first live professional sailing race in 20 years (to build interest in The America's Cup) thanks to new rules changes that will make races faster and easier to follow, but also more dangerous. It will also feature a boatload of new "augmented reality" graphics that will hopefully explain to fans at home what the heck is going on. [The New York Times]

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