Another Violent Weekend in Chicago

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How was Chicago's weekend? Not good. In around two days, over 40 people were shot and six were killed in 22 incidents around the city. And the scary part is that these numbers are becoming the norm for the Windy City.

If you recall, we noted that during Memorial Day Weekend Chicago saw 40 shootings and 10 murders, but at least city officials had some vague reasons for that, which included the hot weather and large gatherings. This time around, there's less explanation and more seeming chaos. Take this disturbing image: "officers in some districts racing from one shooting to another," according to The Chicago Tribune staff. The thought of one officer having to rush his report short to race to another shooting in the same district--that's sort of terrifying.

As The Tribune notes, "Perhaps no district was busier overnight than the Near West Side's Ogden District, where a total of 10 people were shot in two separate shootings late Saturday into early Sunday." And while that's scary, reading the Tribune's blotter of the other incidents and the other 30+ shot is perhaps even more disturbing. And if you're worried, you might want to skip over this report on a gang of 20 people beating up some random guy in the Gold Coast neighborhood over the weekend

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