Air Force Plane That Crashed 60 Years Ago Discovered on Alaskan Glacier

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A military transport plane that crashed in 1952 was discovered frozen in the ice on Colony Glacier in Alaska. The C-124 Globemaster was en route to Elmendorf Air Force Base 60 years ago when it crashed into the side of Mount Gannett, about 50 miles east of Anchorage.. Rescue teams knew where the plane went down, but snow, bad weather, and avalanches prevented them from ever recovering the wreckage, according to Reuters. Modern day investigators first spotted debris from the crash on top of the glacier on June 10, and have since learned that some of the wreckage did indeed belong to the 1952 crash. Some bone material has been recovered, but no remains of the 52 service members on board have been confirmed or identified. Despite the find, much of the wreckage still isn't recoverable since it's frozen in the ice, but the military unit that specializes in recovering remains of lost personnel will attempt to find and identify any bodies that it can.

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