7-Eleven Downsizes 'Double Gulp' To Just 156% of Your Stomach's Capacity

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The reduction of the "Double Gulp" from an excessive 64 ounces to a moderate 50 ounces, the company says, isn't because of Bloomberg or his nanny state rules about sodas (not that convenience stores would be affected anyways) or your looming diabetes: it's because no one could fit the massive drinks into their car's cup holders. "It was a request for something that was a little more car-friendly," a spokesperson told The Daily's Erik German. And though the days of squeezing the Double Gulp between your thighs and the steering wheel may be over, that 50-ounce drink still around 156 percent bigger than the average human's stomach's capacity (the human stomach can hold about 32 ounces of liquid and your urge to urinate starts when your bladder contains about 150 ml or 5 fluid ounces of urine). Despite the fact that it seems literally impossible to drink that much liquid (in a car no less), there are people who exist who still buy the gargantuan drinks, “If it didn’t sell, we wouldn’t still be carrying it,” 7-Eleven's spokesperson said.

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