TSA Searched Henry Kissinger Before Letting Him Fly

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A wheelchair bound 89-year-old Henry Kissinger was submitted to a "full Monty" pat down (per The Washington Post's In the Loop) from the TSA at New York's LaGuardia Airport Monday. It may not be the most egregious violation of privacy on the Agency's part but certainly another high profile example of their less-than-stellar record for singling out comically unlikely suspects. 

Freelance reporter Matthew Cole recognized the former Secretary of State and told the Washington Post  Kissinger got "The full Monty" even after saying his name and passing through the scanner. "None of the agents seemed to know who he was," Cole said. Kissinger didn't seem too bothered, Cole reports, and maybe you could read this as an eloquent statement that no one is above the law ... of random screening. Still, we'll add Kissinger to a growing list of unlikely targets: like the infant put on the no fly list, or Jeffrey Goldberg's mother-in-law, or Sen. Rand Paul. It would seem like a Nobel Peace Prize winner wouldn't cause much suspicion boarding a plane, but somewhere out there, Christopher Hitchens is having a chuckle

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