The TSA Can Pat Down Henry Kissinger Any Day

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We had some fun Monday with The Washington Post's report that Henry Kissinger, wheelchair bound and unrecognized by TSA security guards, underwent a "full Monty" patdown, but ever the Realpolitik practitioner, Kissinger himself didn't take too much issue with the incident.

Kissinger told The Wall Street Journal's James Taranto that "of course" the TSA agents knew who he was (the reporter observing the interaction thought they might not) and that  he required a patdown because of his leg brace. "Nothing untoward" went down he tells Taranto. As we said at the time, this incident never sounded like the most salacious of TSA-gone-wrong stories out there, but yet another example of the TSA's penchant for spending time searching comically unlikely, if willing, suspects.

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