Thomas Beller Needs to Take Better Care of His Things

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There's a delightful little post on The New Yorker's Page-Turner blog in which author Thomas Beller has his iPhone stolen by kids in New Orleans that reminded us of a delightful little New York Times essay from 2006 in which Thomas Beller dropped his iPod on New York City subway tracks. The takeaway: Beller, keep an eye on your stuff!

You really should read all of Beller's How I Lost My iPhone in New Orleans, or Some New Adventures of Huck Finn for the slightly slapstick humor and unexpected plot twists, but our favorite part of the story of how three young kids took the New York transplant's phone, is his reaction which explains the post's title and it's placement on a book blog:

Huckleberry Finn is the book those kids should read, I thought. They were enterprising little criminals. Huckleberry Finn was their man. I knew of a used bookstore on Oak Street. I rushed off on my Vespa.

Yes, he bought the thieves a copy of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn. (And inscribed it!) It's a bizarre, fun read -- so fun and bizarre that we're sort of looking forward to the day when Beller spills soda all over his Kindle and somehow turns it in to a Paris Review piece.

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