These Are Vintage Meezers If You Please... ers.

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Obviously, you like to look at pictures of cats (otherwise you wouldn't be on the Internet), but if you need your cat pictures to fit a very specific niche, try out this Tumblr devoted only to old time photos of the Siamese variety. Vintage Meezers ("meezer" being short of Siamese, we guess?) has picture of families with Siamese, kids with Siamese, scary Siamese, Siamese alone, twin Siamese (for that whole Lady and the Tramp feel), triplet Siamese, Siamese posing with famous actresses, or just plain lounging around watching TV. It also has the occasional "Siamese with a naked lady" photo (tastefully done) so be forewarned if you're a viewing this in a sensitive location like your office. (Some posts are NSFW, in other words.) And best of all, none of these pictures were taken in the pre-Lolcat era so there are no funny captions getting in the way. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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