Suspect Arrested in Mississippi Shootings Was Not Posing as a Cop

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Police arrested a 28-year-old man this morning and charged him with capital murder in the deaths of two motorists who were shot in their cars on Mississippi highways. Police say that ballistics tested matched a gun belonging to the accused shooter, James D. Willie, with the weapons used on the victims, however, a police spokesperson tells the AP that Willie was not posing as police officer as they had originally suspected. CNN reports that Willie was arrested on Tuesday after a woman called police to her home and accused Willie of rape and the gun was found him at that time.

Another man, 45-year-old James Lucas, was also questioned yesterday after he was suspected of pulling over drviers in the old police car that was unmarked but still had flashing blue lights in the grill. It does appear that the two men or their crimes are related and no charges had been filed against Lucas yet.

The shooting had put Mississippians on edge, with residents being told not to pull over and to call 911 if a police officer tries to stop in an unsafe area. One driver reportedly fired a gun at Lucas after Lucas tried to pull him over and the pursued him.

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