Soldier Dies Mysteriously While Talking to His Wife on Video Chat

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Update 10:30 a.m. EDT- The AP is reporting that "Army investigators say they found no bullet wound in soldier who died during Skype chat."

The U.S. Army isn't providing any details about the death of an Army nurse in Afghanistan whose wife witnessed him collapse while they were talking over a Skype video chat. The wife of Army Capt. Bruce Clark released a statement to the press explaining what she saw on April 30 while talking to her husband who was stationed in Afghanistan. She says Clark gave no sign of distress or warning before suddenly falling forward and that after he did so she was able to see a bullet hole in the closet door behind him. After two hours of trying to contact other military personnel in the region in order to get help for her husband, two older soldiers finally arrived in the room, but did not give any updates as to his condition. The Pentagon would not give any details or explanation for Clark's death, but has only said that it's under investigation. Clark's body has already been returned to the United States.

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