Shep Smith's Reaction to Obama Was Not Your Typical Fox News

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The fortuitous timing of President Obama's announcement on same sex marriage meant that it came during Shepard Smith's show on Fox News, giving him the first incredible reaction on the network. Shep played the clip of Obama's statement that was aired on ABC, then declared: "the President of the United States, now in the 21st century." Then while discussing the clip with reporter Brett Bair asked if the GOP could campaign on the issue "while sitting very firmly, without much question, on the wrong side of history on it."

Smith — whose own sexual orientation has been the subject of much speculation by gay media outlets — also offered up this assessment that we're not sure we fully understand:

He later compared the treatment of same sex marriage to previous civil rights debates about segregation and interracial marriage. Compare his attitude to say ... this reaction on the Fox Nation website and you'll see why Shep remains liberals' favorite Fox News personality.

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