Planned Parenthood Controversy Still Dogs Komen Foundation

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A few months ago we were wondering what the eventual fallout would be for the Susan G. Komen foundation after its defunding—then refunding—of breast cancer examinations at Planned Parenthood, and it seems like we have an answer: Registration for Komen's Race for the Cure events in cities around the country is down by the thousands

More specifically, the organization's Race for The Cure in D.C., which typically draws around 40,000 people, only 25,000 registered so far, reports Talking Points Memo's Benjy Sarlin. Sarlin adds that cities like Sacramento, Richmond, Tucson, Columbus, and Atlanta have also experienced declines in the thousands. Sure the lower registration lines up with massive public outcry when Komen announced it would defund Planned Parenthood, but it is worth noting that there were reports of Komen actually getting more popular with conservatives when the organization initially cut its Planned Parenthood ties--donations were up 100 percent reported The Daily Caller's Caroline May in February.

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