Newark Airport's Security Supervisor Pulled a Don Draper

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If you needed more proof that what you see on Mad Men doesn't really translate into real life (no this isn't about martini lunches), meet Bimbo Olumuyiwa Oyewole, an illegal immigrant who assumed the identity of a murdered man and made his way to becoming a security supervisor at Newark airport.

Okay, so Newark Liberty International isn't exactly Sterling Cooper Draper Price, but hear us out.  Dick Whitman Oyewole, as The Associated Press' David Porter reports, had been working at the airport for over 20 years under the name and identity of one Jerry Thomas, a man who was killed in 1992--the same year Oyewole began working at Newark. It's worth nothing that Oyewole's arrest comes at a time when we don't really trust the TSA to do their job--having patted down Henry Kissinger and stopping an 18-month-old baby--but his arrest also came, according the AP report, "the day a federal report found the Transportation Security Administration's handling of security breaches at the airport, Newark Liberty International, deficient."  That's not exactly comforting especially since Newark (one of the 9/11 airports) recently announced that it was going to try out a program which would ease up screenings.  Oyewole was arrested on Monday, and now faces charges which include identity theft, and apparently the "investigation found no indication  that he used a fake identity for any reason other than to live in the United States."

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