New York Post Mocks Anthony Weiner's Mortifying Life as a Stay-at-Home Dad

It was nearly a year ago that Anthony Weiner resigned from his Congressional seat after being busted in a sexting scandal. But The New York Post is not done with him yet.

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It was nearly a year ago that Anthony Weiner resigned from his Congressional seat after being busted for sending raunchy photos of himself to women on Twitter and elsewhere, a mistake he was quickly censured for widely (despite the fact that he never, he says, had a physical affair). The criticism grew after he was caught in a number of lies about his sexting and turned even more awkward when it was reported that his wife, Huma Abedin, was pregnant with his son. After Weiner finally confessed, giving that tearful press conference in which he resigned, he continued to be punished by the media. Paps, for instance, photographed doing such "emasculating" things as holding his wife's purse and walking around the city, or doing the grocery shopping.

It's a year later and the baby has been born and our memories are short, but The New York Post's Josh Margolin, under the headline "New Weiner Roll: Idle ex-pol as Mr. Mom," shows that the paper is not done with him yet.

Mr. Mom, of course, is a movie about traditional gender roles and the hilarious things that ensue when they are transgressed. It dates from the ancient times of 1983 and if you are of a certain age, you probably laughed while watching it 30 years ago. But "Mr. Mom" is not really a phrase we throw around so much in 2012, particularly not as an insult, because, well, it's sexist, and demeaning to both moms and dads.

The Post, however, has not considered commentary on Weiner's offspring off-limits, and isn't afraid to mock him for being a stay-at-home dad, either. As Margolin writes, "A year after randy ex-US Rep. Anthony Weiner’s political career collapsed in a sexting scandal, the disgraced pol is still without a job — left to pull duty as Mr. Mom for his newborn son as his powerhouse wife, Huma Abedin, globe-trots with the diplomatic corps, The Post has learned."

The not very sub-sub-text is that Abedin wears the pants, here, while Weiner has to stay at home with the baby, Jordan Zain. Imagine the humiliation! As Margolin continues:

“Anthony is still trying to figure out what he wants to do,” said one Weiner buddy. “The baby seems to have been really, really positive for him, having something positive to put your everything into every day.”

Wait, so, this being a dad thing is cool? Good, even? Maybe he even enjoys it? How dare he?

Fear not, however. Weiner may well be considering a return to politics—more consulting, or perhaps a TV pundit gig, according to "the people closest to him," writes Margolin. "No doubt, with his personality, he’s going to want to make a resurgence," one (anonymous) ranking congressional source told The Post.

Until then, look to make fun of him on the Mommy blogs, we guess.

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