Flirting, Color-Coordinated Jurors Make Edwards Trial Seem Like High School

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You know people are really getting stir crazy when the dressing and flirting habits of a friendly group of female jurors start attracting whispers among court watchers. Such is the case at the John Edwards trial where, The Washington Post's Manuel Roig-Franzia reports, four alternate jurors (none of whom will be called on to decide the verdict unless one of 12 original jurors is dismissed) have been dressing alike. And one of them may even be flirting with the Edwards himself. It's getting weird in Greensboro!

Per The Post's Roig-Franzia:

All four alternate jurors dressed in red shirts Friday. They each wore bright yellow the day before. Coincidence? Few here think so.

Then there's ABC's report:

Since the alternates were identified last Thursday, it has been impossible to ignore the dynamic between Edwards and one of the female alternates, an attractive young woman with jet-black hair, who seems to have been flirting with Edwards for days. The juror clearly instigated the exchanges. She smiles at him. He smiles at her. She giggles. He blushes.

From the tone of breathless boredom in these stories, the women are starting to sound like the Plastics, a group in Tina Fey's Mean Girls—you know, the four girls the rest of the school loved to hate and hated to love. Who wants to bet that on Wednesdays these women wear pink

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